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FotoGenie is proudly based in Los Angeles.

A city with FotoGenie supports local professionals, artists and even helps student photographers pay for school. When you create amazing photos for social media, you inspire change through hip new fashion and travel trends that boost businesses. Ultimately, everyone can create a much better world! 

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FotoGenie is the fastest, lowest cost way to book a professional photographer. Just tap the app and your Pro Lenser will arrive to capture whatever you want.

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Fully vetted and professionally trained, FotoGenie Pro Lensers value your privacy. Share your photos on social media or use them commercially - you retain the rights. 


Why should booking a photographer be like haggling over the price of produce at the farmer's market? Hire local professionals to do what they do best; your click is our command. 

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Are you a professional with a few open gaps in your schedule? Or maybe you're an avid shutterbug and just want to earn a little extra? Well, grab your DSLR and turn "free time" into paid time!