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Photo Review Policy


Always review your photos for 100% satisfaction - guaranteed!


At FotoGenie, your satisfaction with your photos is our top priority. Whether you're using the images for your marketing, business website or an important presentation, we want every picture to deliver your message with premium quality at affordable pricing. 




Once you've booked your shoot and you're on location with your Pro Lenser, it's really important that you are fully involved in the creative process of producing the images you've imagined. Every single one of our photographers is fully vetted and trained to work with FotoGenie and to provide you with the best experience possible. 

So you should absolutely rely on your Pro Lenser to provide you with amazing shots, but they need active guidance to make sure you get exactly what you want. So jump on in; show cool examples; make fun suggestions and by all means, get involved! 


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During your shoot, please check in with your Pro Lenser frequently to make sure that the photos being captured meet your requirements. Have them actually show you the photos on their camera or on a laptop so you can see them in full resolution. We want you to like your photos so much, we require you fill out the form at the bottom of this page to ensure that you're 100% satisfied BEFORE your shoot concludes. This helps us maintain quality standards with our Pro Lensers and it also helps us resolve any potential disputes that may arise. 

We keep a detailed record of every shoot we do including Shoot Reports submitted by your Pro Lenser after the shoot gets wrapped. In fact, your Pro Lenser will not be paid until they submit their own review of the shoot as well as outstanding photos. Our Pro Lenser Liaisons personally read every Shoot Report and check every gallery for quality control.

If there is ever a dispute about the quality or content of your images, the very first thing we look at is your Photo Review Form (button below). Your account of how things went gets compared to the Pro Lenser's Shoot Report. If there are two different stories, we take all necessary steps to ensure a fair outcome. 

*NOTE: Photo Reviews are highly suggested for every shoot and must be submitted by the Customer within the first half of the shoot to be considered for potential refunds.