Shoot Cancellation Policy

Our goal is to provide customers the easiest, most cost-effective way to shoot with local professional photographers - "Pro Lensers" who offer premium quality content at very affordable prices. Because it's in everyone's best interest to capture great photos, we ask that both our Customers and Pro Lensers avoid circumstances that might result in a shoot cancellation. However, life happens and we understand some cancellations may be necessary. For your quick reference, we've extracted the Refund and Cancellation clauses from our general Terms of Use        

To cancel a shoot, the Customer must submit the Shoot Cancellation / Refund Request Form online or via the mobile application from which the shoot was booked. Customers may not choose their Pro Lenser nor may they cancel a live shoot on the basis that they feel the Pro Lenser might not be "up to the task" of producing their photos. All Customers are required to work with the Pro Lenser who confirmed their shoot. However, a Customer may cancel a scheduled shoot upon the following conditions:



1. After submitting a request for a scheduled or on-demand shoot, the Customer may cancel the request with no penalty as long as no photographer has confirmed to shoot it yet.  
2. Once the shoot is confirmed and booked by the photographer, no cancellation may occur without penalty. (See details below.)  
3. Upon booking a scheduled shoot, Customer may cancel the request with no penalty up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time.  
4. Upon booking a scheduled shoot, Customer may cancel the request less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time, but will be assessed a Cancellation Fee of 50% of total shoot value.

5. Any cancellation that occurs less than 12 hours in advance of a scheduled time will incur a 100% Shoot Fee Penalty.  
6. Customer is permitted to cancel one (1) on-demand or scheduled shoot every 30 days with no penalty. More than one cancellation in 30 days or less may result in the suspension or termination of your account pending review by a Pro Lenser Liaison. 



Cancellations requested during a live shoot must comply with the following: 


1. Customer must fill out a Photo Review Form within the first half of the scheduled shoot time. No cancellations may be filed after the first half of scheduled time has elapsed. 

2. The Customer must submit a Shoot Cancellation / Refund Request Form citing any or multiple of the following reasons: 

A. Pro Lenser cancelled prior to scheduled shoot time.

B. Pro Lenser did not arrive at all; arrived late; or is not working efficiently to complete the shoot within the scheduled period.  

C. Desired "quality" of images is not satisfactory - i.e. the images being captured are not in focus, are too dark, are not well composed etc.

D. Pro Lenser is not open to suggestion or is not following directions about what images to capture. 

E. Pro Lenser is making inappropriate comments, or is not conducting him/herself in a professional manner. 

F. Pro Lenser did not arrive with the proper equipment to capture the photos described in the Shoot Description & Photo Assignment. 

G.   Additional Reason (Please explain below...)

3. Both the Customer and Pro Lenser must mutually agree to end the shoot prior to the scheduled wrap time. Both the Customer's Photo Review Form & Shoot Cancellation / Refund Request Form must coincide with the Pro Lenser's Shoot Report to corroborate this agreement by providing the same reason for cancellation. If the reports do not match, then we will conduct an internal investigation of what happened. Refund is subject to Ubergram, LLC’s approval.

For full details regarding Shoot Cancellations, when and how they are processed, please review our Shoot Cancellation Policy as described in the the general Terms of Use


We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we hope all our Pro Lensers do too. As a result, flaky photographers are not tolerated and are subject to immediate account termination pending Pro Lenser Liaison review.

All new Pro Lensers are asked to provide their Credit Card information before they can book their first shoot. This is non-negotiable. We require this because we want to guarantee our Customers that you will be on time and provide excellent services. As such, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for violating our Cancellation Policies. 


The following Cancellation Policies apply to all Pro Lensers:    

1.  Photographers may cancel a shoot up to 24 hours in advance with no penalty provided: 

A. They submit a Shoot Cancellation / Refund Request Form

B. The cancellation request is confirmed and granted pending written Pro Lenser Liaison review via email. 

C. If the cancellation request is denied or otherwise not confirmed, the Pro Lenser MUST show up for the shoot regardless of other plans. Failure to do so will result in a 3X shoot value penalty fee for the first violation and an immediate account termination with no re-application anytime thereafter. 

2.  Any cancellations that occur less than 24 hours in advance of a scheduled or "no shows" for any on-demand shoots will be penalized 3X the original shoot price. (Twice the amount of the fee will be refunded directly to the Customer for the inconvenience of losing their photos and rebooking the shoot at the same value for free. The final third of the penalty fee goes to FotoGenie for having to manually rebook the shoot via live Customer Service.)

3.  If a photographer cancels more than two (2) on-demand or scheduled photo shoots in a 30 day period, he or she will lose access to FotoGenie pending further review.   



From lens to digital file or physical print, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. No matter what challenges may occur with your shoot, we provide top quality personal service to all our Users - both Customers and Pro Lensers. Please do not contact your credit card company to dispute a charge before contacting Ubergram, LLC. Every Refund Request is assigned to a highly trained Pro Lenser Liaison who will moderate and resolve all disputes that may arise. Should the Pro Lenser be found at fault for any dispute, our specialists are authorized to provide refunds to Customers immediately. However, if a dispute requires a detailed moderation, our liaisons will work to achieve a fair compromise. For further details, please also review our Shoot Cancellation Policy below.


Requesting Refunds: 


To request a refund, all Customers must submit a Shoot Cancellation / Refund Request Form To qualify for a refund, all Customers must submit a Photo Review Form To be considered valid for a claim, your Photo Review Form must be time-stamped within the first half of the scheduled time of your shoot. So for example, if you scheduled a two-hour shoot from 1PM to 3PM, you must submit your Photo Review Form by 2PM. If your shoot ends and you do not submit your Photo Review Form, no worries - we'll assume you are 100% satisfied. However, we cannot offer refunds of any kind to Customers who do not review their photos and submit the form during their shoots. We have to do this to protect our Pro Lensers who are also Customers using FotoGenie as a booking service. As a result, we have a responsibility to ensure their work is both appreciated and fairly compensated. Due to the potentially subjective nature of these Services, we ask that you please comply so everybody gets what they want from FotoGenie. 

- 100% Booking Fee Refunds: Granted only if shoot is cancelled within the first half of the scheduled shoot time and the Customer and Pro Lenser mutually agree to cancel the shoot. 

- Up to 50% Booking Fee Refunds: May be granted based on upon the Pro Lenser Liaison's discretion. If for example, the Customer does not "like" the photos that have been submitted after the shoot, they may request a partial refund pending review of the Photo Review Form and Shoot Report. If a refund is required, only the Pro Lenser Liaison assigned to moderate the request can grant it. Otherwise, the Pro Lenser will be paid in full for completing the confirmed shoot Services. 

- Print Material Returns: Since prints are provided by a variety of third-party services, all print materials are subject only to the terms of use for the company from which they were purchased. Ubergram, LLC shall not be held liable for any Customer refund claims pertaining to print materials. In the interest of maintaining a good working relationship with both the Customer and the third-party provider, we may choose to moderate any disputes, but are not obligated to intervene or provide any refund for third-party services regardless of the outcome of any dispute. 




Terms of Cancellation and Refund are subject to change.

Please check Terms of Use for all further details.  


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