Tips For Customers

As you prepare for your shoot...


1. To ensure your shoot gets booked, please book as far in advance as possible. 

If you do request an on-demand booking, please be patient! Most are confirmed right away; others may take more time.

2. Please be aware, all photos are delivered in RAW, unedited form.

3. For best results, Pre-Order Photo Mastering

Otherwise your photos will need to be professionally retouched to make them look their best. 

4. If your images are created for commercial-use, you are required to pay an additional Licensing Fee.

Don’t worry, this is not as complicated (or expensive) as it sounds!

See Terms of Use

5. Prepare your location to be "photo ready" - especially if it's a live event or real estate shoot. 

6. Bring examples of the types of images you want to capture so your Pro Lenser can reference them. 

7. Carefully read the following: 

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Shoot Report copy.png

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